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Foreign Entities

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Dominate the Local Market with International Style!


In OL Business Group, we offer personalized services for those clients interested in investing in the local market through foreign entities. Our wide range of strategies and tools are designed to minimize risk and maximize profit. We carry out a detailed analysis of the areas of interest of each client to develop investment strategies and optimize resources.

In addition, we take advantage of the tax benefits in force according to the applicable regulations. We also provide comprehensive management and operation services to ensure the successful development of the project in a timely manner. Find out how we can help you achieve your investment goals with OL Business Group.

grow your heritage with confidence and security!


5 Avenida 16-62 Zona 10, Edificio Torre Platina Centro de Negocios, Oficina 803, Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala.


Tel: +502 4822 2227

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